Friday 27 March 2009

Nottingham pop weekender

Not only are The Motifs, Crayon Fields, Heptagons and the mighty Standard Fare playing at my show on April 25th, but news reaches me that Andy H is putting on The Lovely Eggs, Horowitz and The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut on 24th April. That's the night before, of course. You didn't really need me to tell you that.

Here's the details:

A Fog of Ideas presents:

The Lovely Eggs + Horowitz + The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut

live at Lee Rosy's Tea Shop on Friday 24th April

Doors 8pm

Entry £5

This can only mean one thing: NOTTINGHAM POP WEEKENDER!

Here's a facebook link to my gig.
And here's Andy's.


Pete Green said...

I can't wait! There just doesn't seem to be enough happening in Nottingham at the moment.

I accidentally typed 'Nottinghasm' just then. That's how excited I am.

Marianthi said...

I can't bloody wait!