Saturday, 14 March 2009

Projekt A-ko - Yoyodyne (Filthy Little Angels)

Darren from Filthy Little Angels emailed me a few Projekt A-ko songs from the band's new album yesterday. They're mostly great - a real old school indie sound, which reminds me of mid-90s bedsit land.

Projekt A-ko have three members of Urusei Yatsura in their ranks, of course. I remember seeing Urusei at the Old Angel in Nottingham years and years ago, and they were dead ace.

The three songs Darren emailed me aren't much removed from the poppier side of Urusei. Molten Hearts is particularly great, and sounds a little like AC Acoustics, or any of their contemporaries around that time, like Seafood for example.

Here Comes the New Challenger is probably my favourite, with plaintive spoken vocals and frantic guitars in the chorus, and a lovely female vocal hovering around in the background.

Anyway, the album is called Yoyodyne and is out on 20 April. I'd buy it if you're of a certain age and fancy wallowing in some nostalgia.

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