Sunday, 1 March 2009

Parallelograms split

Parallelograms, the Sheffield band who made hairslides look effortless, have split following bassist Markie's emigration to New Zealand.

Tonieee, veteran of indiepop bands such as Plouf! and Velodrome 2000, said he and singer Meriel didn't right carrying on without Markie in the band. Aww.

Tonieee says he might be looking at getting another band together, but in the meantime, Parallelograms have a posthumous single out on Cloudberry Records very soon. I'm sure it'll be a fitting tribute.
I just got back from London Popfest, where I saw a grand total of two bands. I'm rubbish. But I did manage to pick up a copy of the new Pocketbooks album, which will be getting countless plays when I rid myself of this stupid hangover.

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Dennis said...

That's too bad. There's a new (?) song on that Skatterbrain compilation, called 'Papageno', and it made me wish for a new release. Well, one mor then! Which is not bad news.