Monday 23 March 2009

Stone the Crows

Just when you thought the Bob Crow/CWI/Communist Party of Britain European election lash-up couldn't get any worse, the campaign's new website launched this weekend, with the strapline: "... it's a black and white issue."

Now, no-one is suggesting that this campaign, which has risen from the recent Lindsey Oil Refinery dispute (and others around the UK) is at all racist, but it has overtly nationalistic overtones, and the strapline is rather unfortunate.

Quite what Crow - a wonderful speaker when he gets going - is doing getting himself involved in this is beyond me. The No2EU (hey, it's txtspk, kids!) promises to free European workers from the yoke of The Lisbon Treaty, but also urges you to vote for it to keep the BNP out. We've been down this road before, comrades, and it still hasn't worked. What did Lenin say about learning from your mistakes again...?

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