Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Legends - Over and Over (Labrador)

I'm totally ashamed to say that I'm woefully ignorant as to who, what, where and when The Legends are. Turns out it's Johan from Club 8 and Acid House Kings. I always feel foolish when things like this happen, but then I'll just have to accept that I'm no longer the thrusting young indiepop buck I once (never) was.
I ramble! This is a very neat little album indeed. it starts off like Cher singing the opening bars of The Cure's Pornography album (yes - that good), before the sublime Seconds Away sets the tone for what's to follow; fuzz, distortion, feedback, sythensizers, mangled guitars and some serious pop.
Always the Same features vocals from Liane Moccia and sounds like something from the first few Primitives singles, and then there's the wistful Monday to Saturday - a sort of swinging 1960s girlpop thing, and wonderfully throwaway.
Other times The Legends sound like they're about to break your heart at any second. See Heartbeats, during which you hardly dare breathe, just in case it all collapses.
That it's followed by the storming Dancefloor, the sort of song that the Pains of Being Pure at Heart could probably put their name to, is almost laughably perverse. In the best possible sense.
Over and Over is one of those albums that you want to end... but only because you can start listening to it again. Remember those?


Brewster said...

I am for sure going to have to pick this one up. One summer in D.C., I saw the The Positions, The Legends, and Acid House Kings play a tiny club called the Black Cat. I have never seen three bands so happy to play music.

This is Rachel, by the way.

River Phoenix said...

I love the Legends...this one sounds a bit more shoegaze than their previous albums..but is just wonderfull (and I fully agree with the similarities of the "Pain of Being Young at Heart"..although Legends were around long before them)