Wednesday 8 April 2009

Lost in nostalgic reverie. Again.

Northen Portrait poster
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Look what James did. Of all the posters he's drawn for me, I think this is my favourite.

I was looking through some old records last night, and came across the Shelflife Picnic Basket compilation, which I suppose is getting on for eight or nine years old now.

This record was the one that sort of got me back into listening to indiepop after a few years hiatus. It's lovely. It's got dreamy stuff like Summer's Here by The Pearly Gatecrashers on it, and Why Don't You by One Night Suzan. And it reminded me of why Po! where such a great band, and made me an instant fan of Pinkie.

I played this album over and over again for the best part of three or four months during a pretty torrid time in my life, and so I was a bit loathe to put it on again last night, but it's still full of beautiful songs. And the best bit is that it doesn't really bring all those confused feelings I had back then rushing forward now. Which must mean something.

And then I put on the Elefant Dosmiluno compilation, from around the same time. I always remember wanting my bedroom to look like the room on the front of this record.

My absolute favourite track on the album is a song called Highlights by Beef, which is this defiantly maudlin melodrama that instantly clicked with the situation I'd got myself - and others - into.

The saddest things is I know absolutely nothing about Beef, and have never heard any of their other songs. Their discography on the Elefant website says that everything is sold out. Which is probably where I should leave it.

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