Sunday, 5 April 2009

She was only a grocer's daughter

We know Thatcher as the biggest scourge on working class solidarity Western Europe has seen inlast 30 years. A woman who set the blueprint for Labour to dismantle the welfare state and marginalise the trades unions. She knows herself as... um, actually, she probably doesn't know herself at all the moment. Just drink that in the for a moment. Doesn't it make you feel all warm inside?

Then consider this: apparently Thatcher wakes up to find out her husband has died every day of her life, so severe is her senility. I find that kind of comforting, too.

Whatever you think of her (hopefully) imminent passing - whether you will skip outside and get wankered in the pub, or whether you'll allow yourself a sigh of resignation at the damage to she did to this country (and, by association others) and realise that it's too late to be celebrating and that you can get pissed any day of the week, thanks, let it be known that Chumbawamba have nailed their flag to the post by offering their Thatcher death single for pre-order.

It'll probably be complete shite, like, but you have to admire the sentiment.

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