Thursday 6 August 2009

The Champagne Socialists interview

I ordered The Champagne Socialists' new single 'Blue Genes' from Slumberland the other day. Of course you can hear it at their myspace page, but it's not quite the same, is it?

The Champagne Socialists are something of a mystery. Apparently, they have members of The Royal We and Bricolage amongst their ranks, but are now based in the US.

That dull history lesson over, you should all know that The Champagne Socialists are thrilling. They sound like The Ronettes playing Crystal Stilts songs. And so I asked them a few questions. The answers confused me even more...

How did you come to meet?

Jihae, Mike, and Devon, who sadly is no longer with us ( the band that is, not the world of the living), met at the West Coast School for advanced children. Jihae and Wallace met through a correspondence program run by the international ring of 'special' schools. New members include Jackson Baugh, whom we met on Sunset Ranch while riding horses in the hills, and Jessica Espeleta, whom we sadly can't remember meeting.
What's with the name, and who is your favourite champagne socialist?

We're actually thinking of changing the name. We hadn't played any shows yet when Slumberland asked us to put out a 7" and tour with the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, so we didn't really get to think it through, and now that we have, we don't really dig it. However, our favorite champagne socialist would have to be... George Galloway, George Hamilton, Geroge Best... all the Georges... sounds like a twee band...

My wife you said you sound like you're playing at the end of a very long tunnel. Does this please you?

Oh yes, in many ways. We learned a lot of atmospheric tricks from great Uncle Joe (Meek), who is actually Wallace's great uncle. And then there's the metaphoric tunnel... the one we hope we are coming out of into riches and hi-fi recording studios.

Which John Waters film do you belong in?

Cry Baby. It's good bad, but not evil. Which means no singing anuses? Ani? How do you say more than one anus? Anyway, it ain't got none.

How did the single come about? And are you pleased with it?

Mike Slumberland asked us and we said 'Yes.' Don't mean to sound cheeky, just not very interesting a story.

Who are your other favourite bands at the moment - present and past.
Favorite bands past... the Beach Boys, Sparks, Fire Engines, Heinz, Del Shannon, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Slade, Brett Smiley, the Television Personalities, the Zombies, Lenny and the Squigtones... Jan and Dean, Tiny Tim, and 1910 Fruitgum Company!

Present... Jihae doesn't like much new music but there are a few we can all agree on... Abe Vigoda, Magic Kids, Tyvek, Hunx and his Punx, Brilliant Colors, Panda Bear.

Mike from Slumberland tells me you're about to start recording an album for the label. Tell me all about it.

We're currently holed up in the top secret practice space making lists and getting everyone up to speed to start recording in October. We can say no more. It's a secret.

When will you be coming to Europe?

As soon as it is possible for us! Whenever we get out of this bloody tunnel...
You can - you should! - buy The Champagne Socialists' single from here.

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i have bought it. it is good. i think i prefer the b-side. not sure yet tho. more play required.