Monday, 3 August 2009

It's Christmas!

Remember November? Good, because that's when the next Nottingham indiepop all-dayer is going to be. Sunday 15th to be precise, and Lee Rosy's Tea Shop on Broad Street.

Last year's was a gentle success, so me and Andy thought we'd done another one this year. There'll be about seven or eight bands, and there'll be a BAR. Or so we've been promised. We were promised that last year, like, but there was a mumbled excuse about forgetting to apply for the license in time, or something.

So far The School, Standard Fare and Mascot Fight are confirmed, but we'll be announcing more as the weeks go by and we get even more bored at work than normal.

It'll be ace!

In other news the swine flu pandemic has claimed its first indiepop victim. Dan Pocketbooks is currently sat on the sofa moaning like a big fanny that he needs some soup (I imagine). It's Emma Pocketbooks I feel sorry for in all this.


Emma said...

Rightly so!

damian said...

Kerry had swine flu (we think) and I've been poorly, it's not fun.

When can we have the benefit concert. It'll be like live aid but with indiepop.

Anonymous said...

Danaid. release a cover of China Pig by beefheart to raise funds for booze when I recover.