Monday, 10 August 2009

Philipino Indiepop Scene - Summer Escape

Someone called heyconstance uploaded four albums of stuff from the grandly-titled Philpino Indiepop Scene Collective on anorak today. Four whole albums for free!

I'll link to the other three over the next few days (or you could go and find them on anorak, I suppose), but here's the first to download.


Hello Misery by Blue Stereo

Constellation Of My Heart by Archaster

Clouds Upon Clouds by Under Shooting Stars

Moonlight Darling by Carnival Park

Winter Over Summer [Live] by Melody Style Apartment

The Rain Knows by The Wentletraps

Pillows And Blankets by Kid Auto Races At Venice

Until Goodbye by A Painted September

Last Summer's Love Affair by Apple Orchard

Why Are You So Lovely? by National Express

Sunday Picnic Love Affair [Live] by Sunday Picnic Love Affair

The Things You Say by Sodajerk

Just Like The Sky by Soft Pillow Kisses

Everything She Had by Citrusphere

Before Anything Else by Fantasy Lights

Untitled #1 by In Between Blue and Green

A Summer Escape by Golden Teardrops

Division by Envelope And Seabirds

Pretending That We're Smart by Candyaudioline

Sleeve design courtesy of Chary, of The Wentletraps.

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