Friday, 14 August 2009

Filipino Indiepop Scene - Strange Carousels

As promised earlier in the week, here's the second volume from the Filipino Indiepop Scene Collective, called 'Strange Carousels This one's a corker.

Track listing:

Daylight Punch by On Petals
First Time by Grace Period
Ann by Slumbook
Miss Photogenic by Camera Shy
Kissus by Arigato, Hato!
Strange Carousels by Radiomanila
Sink Into Something by Superminty
Neither One [Live] by Eulluvye
The Games We Play by The Jealous Sea
With You by Farewell Isobel
Never Meant To Last by Lovely Days And Loud Hurrays
Pop Song (Can't Figure Out) by Lazy Lorelei
I Left My Heart In San Pedro by Spazzkid
Be My Lorraine by Balloon Derby
Summer's Somber by Dewdrop Fountain
A Story About What by Adorable Adorations
We Have To Find A Reason by Aurora's Beating Heart
Blood On The Mat [Live] by Nocturnal We
Moving Up by Aspirin
Evergreen Days by Some Gorgeous Accident
Ananda [Instrumental] by Set Ashore

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