Monday 12 October 2009

The Lovely Eggs are scary

As a rule, your blogger here doesn't go in for Hallowe'en shenanigans, prefering to leave that back when he was eight years old and had to hollow a swede out because his Dad was too skint/useless/working 76 hours a day down t'pint to buy a pumpkin. But he'll make an exception for the mighty Lovely Eggs' new, scary single 'Haunt Me Out', which is, er, out on 26 October.

It's truly the SCARIEST THING EVER COMMITTED TO VINYL. Or CD, or however they're releasing it. Holly sounds like a northern Cruella de Vil, whilst David wants to eat your babies. And then throw them up on your settee.

Be afraid pop fans. Then pull yourself together and go and buy The Lovely Eggs new single. You can get it from Cherryade Records, it's backed with the equally pant-shittingly terrifying 'It's Spooky', and 'Rappin' in Plastic', which reminds me - wonderfully - of The Calvin Party.

Oh, and it's limited to 100 copies, so get your finger out.


Pete Green said...

Ah, those Hallowe'en swedes. In fairness to your dad, I don't think any of the shops around Grimsby even sold pumpkins back in ye tyme of yore. I'm pretty sure I never saw a pumpkin at all until I was about 20 or something.

Rach Cherryade said...

Hi, thanks for writing this, it's the first Halloween record Cherryade has ever released (since we're usually far too busy with the Christmas album at this time of year) so I'm glad you enjoyed it! We saw the Eggs play in Manchester last night, Holly was dressed as Bob and David as Laura Palmer, absolutely terrifying!

Anyway, now Halloween's out the way it's definitely nearly Christmas, just waiting for A Very Cherry Christmas vol. 5 to come back from the plant, Cargo want it in shops by Nov 16th which means we've had bands recording xmas songs in the middle of summer! It's an indiepop extravaganza this year!

Anyway, thanks again for the nice write-up,
Rach xx