Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Evans the Death

Before you all rush off and mope about how all your favourite band are going to clash boo-bloody-hoo at this year's Indietracks, a short interlude.

Evans the Death might have a name that reminds of you of late 80s grindcore, but they make the sweetest sound. They do this by using the pure, clean voice of Katherine Whitaker and add some kind of ramshackle pop genius in the background.

They remind me a little of when I first heard Standard Fare, especially on the rattle and rush of 'Sleeping Song' and 'I'm So Unclean', which combines a manic jangle thrash with some more of Whitaker's half primal, half choral voice. It's a thrilling cocktail, and no mistake.

Evans the Death are playing a rather wondrous Baby Honey night a week on Friday, that you'd be a real idiot to miss. It's with Liechtenstein, The Lovely Eggs and Hotpants Romance, and if I wasn't a weighed down wage slave then I'd be down there like a flash. In the meantime, check out the band's myspace page, which features the also-ace 'Catch Your Cold' and 'Morning Voice'. The sooner this lot play outside of London the better, if you ask me.


Pete Green said...

These sound really good. Such a shame about the name!

Emma said...

Aw come down! It'll be ace!