Monday, 28 June 2010

The Swansea Recreation Centre

A queer weekend leads into a mind-crushing Monday, and as I flick on to the BBC website there's Harry fucking Redknapp, with the mind of a backward pigeon and the face that's a cross between a one arm bandit in full flow and an overcooked apple pie, telling us that there should be SOMEONE ENGLISH managing the ENGLISH football team. Yeah, that's right, you self-obsessed prick, 'cos the last three English managers of the national team have been such roaring successes. Why not come out with nothing on but a St George Cross draped over your (no doubt) tiny penis and just say you want the job, eh?

And relax.

Ah, look up there to the blue sky, listen to the Swansea Recreation Centre and just forget for a moment that it's Monday afternoon. The band have just released a new ep called 'Do Your Thing' which is about "sex and swimming" apparently. They ought to be careful they don't get a nasty infection with all that malarkey.

If there has ever been a song more suited to its title that 'Aquatic Finesse' then I'm yet to hear it. This beautiful Cocteaus/Galaxie 500 epic is a babbling stream of consciousness that builds and builds into an almost desperate finale as everyone in the band chips in with their all.

Meanwhile, 'Your Flesh' (I think this must be on the one about sex) is a more simple affair, but no less effective. A simple male and female vocal doing gentle battle over an ever-increasing tempo... ooh, it's all a bit saucy to be honest.

You can download these two songs here, and find out more about the Swansea Recreation Centre here. You can hear a few more songs there which remind me a bit of The Real Tuesday Weld. It seems they have a couple of dates coming up in London, so you have absolutely no excuse.

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