Monday, 6 September 2010

The Girl With the Replaceable Head

The Girl With the Replaceable Head (aka Sylvia) first came to my attention in 2002, when she/they released a near-perfect ep on the Bus Stop Label (which was in something of a rich vein of form at the time, I seem to recall) called 'Ride My Star'. "Three depressingly sublime songs to either slit your wrist to/fall in love with depending on your mood" reads my yellowing press release. It still sounds right my up street.

Indeed, I think my review at the time read: "As if Harper Lee were female fronted, but with the added twang of some country and western strumming."

Anyway, I mention this because I just came across Sylvia's myspace page, and there's what must be a relatively new song up there. So, Sylvia, if by the smallest chance you read this, are you still making music or what?

Download 'Ride My Star' here.

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Rhod Davies said...

Sylvia and Taffy have recorded an album 'Death in Gateshead' (only available on vinyl). Its on Amazon

but you could probably get it direct from them via the myspace site at a cheaper price.
There's also a 'xmas' CD single availalbe at Reflex records

They've been doing some gigs aound the North East in the last few months.