Monday, 13 September 2010

MJ Hibbett & the Validators - Forest Moon of Enderby (Artists Against Success)

There are certain songs you can pin to very specific moments in your life, aren't there? Little moments and feelings that come flooding back when you hear those tunes a few years later are worth so much sometimes, and this is why I'm so grateful that MJ Hibbett & the Validators have put this album together.

Why? Because every time I hear 'Billy Jones is Dead' I find my mind spinning back to late nights in 2005 at our tiny flat in the Arboretum, keeping the student neighbours awake (anarchy!) with our singing, and playing guitar on a hobby horse.

And every time I hear 'Leave My Brother Alone' I think back to countless times I've seen the band play this masterpiece live and how I've fought back the tears, just in case anyone thought, y'know, I could be affected by something so emotional yet, brilliantly, unaffected.
And every time I hear 'Let the Weird Band Win' I remember that Hibbett is one of the greatest lyricists of the last decade, and those that write him off as a "comedian" are missing the point somewhat tragically.

There are other gems here, namely: 'Never Going Back to Aldi's', 'The Primal Rhythms of the Nose Flautist' and Graffiti on the Cenotaph', which would make my Validators top 20. And these are the cast-offs, the b-sides - these are supposed to be the afterthoughts. And well, they aren't of course.

Not only that, but when you buy this album you get the chance to a bonus album of 23 even more rare rarities! Oh, ambassador...

As MJ Hibbett & the Validators' remarkable performance at this year's Indietracks showed us, here's a band that's as on top of its game as ever. Long may they continue to provide such cherished memories.

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