Thursday, 18 November 2010

Incoming. Upcoming.

Speaking of HHBTM records, myself and the boy Fog of Ideas Andy will be putting the mighty Sourpatch on at The Chameleon in Nottingham on 24 February. That's next year, if such a thing still exists by then. I'm completely giddy about this, because 'Crushin'' is one of my favourite albums of this year and ever. If you haven't heard it, buy it for yourself for Christmas, and then go and see the band when they tour in the US and UK from 14-26 February 2011.

Next Friday (26 November) is the last 'chips gig of the year. It's the Sportswriter's Pop Personalities of the year Standard Fare, ably supported by The Felt Tips from that Glasgow, The Sweet Nothings from Sheffield, and Vom Vorton (ex-Lardpony and Of Mice and Mental Arithmetic) from the Land of Good Pubs - Derby. It'd be a delight to see you there. Here's a facebook event page thing. It's a fiver to get in, or three quid if you're out of work. Meet me at the bar.

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