Sunday, 28 November 2010

Vom Vorton - Plots and Plans ep

One of the delights of putting gigs on is being totally blown away by bands or acts that you have no illusions in. I'd never seen Tom Morton's Vom Vorton act before, and although I loved Lardpony, I was expecting a nice, pleasant acoustic set. I should've known Tom was better than just that.

I managed to pick up the Vom Vorton 'Plots and  Plans' ep on Friday night, and, if anything it's even better than Tom's performance that night. The songs are tiny masterpieces about Paul Gascoigne, huge volcanoes, sweaty builders, love, life and the joy of being the underdog. Lest we forget that all great songs feature these themes. Well, some of the time...

Tom, of course, is somewhat prolific - or at least that's the way it seems to me. He seems able to knock these great little pop songs out at will, and these were all recorded on his own, in his own house over the summer and autumn (remember that?)

The ep ends with 'Supervolcano' - a sort of lo-fi, defeated-yet-triumphant call to arms that Lardpony used to do so, so well. It drips with the sort of understated brilliance that runs through these five songs, and it leaves you gasping like a geriatric Alsatian for more. If you follow me.

I paid three quid for this tiny treasure, and it shouldn't cost you much more. See the Vom Vorton website for more details.

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