Friday, 6 March 2009

Are you scared to get happy?

This week has been murder. Lack of sleep, a boss who is in the final throes before he moves on to another job (and has therefore fully wound himself down almost to a standstill), and it's been freezing. If anything had got me through this week is the Pocketbooks album, which just gets better with every listen.

But something small has cheered my right up as I head into a weekend of visiting The Bloody In-laws, and that's the fact that my friend Andy is putting his first Nottingham gig on. Which I think is marvellous news.

His gig will be on 24 April, with The Lovely Eggs and Horowitz playing. And hopefully Betty and the Werewolves. Which makes that weekend a full of pop extravaganza, what with the Motifs and Crayon Fields gig the next day.

I wish there were another ten Andy's in the city willing to put stuff on that I liked. Or even vaguely liked. But there aren't. And so we plough on, losing money on shows and handing out flyers to the disinterested ans relying on a bunch of loyal friends to pad out the audience. Well, it's either that or go down to London twice a month. And I don't have the patience for London twice a year at the moment.

Still, we have the pop. And summer's nearly here, which means sitting in parks with friends and having picnics and playing drunk games of football and sitting outside pubs until 10pm. I really can't wait for all that.

I need to stop moaning.


Pete Green said...

And you didn't even mention the football.

A layer of chips said...

You've tipped me over the edge.

Marianthi said...

I'm going to look for some train tickets for the Nottingham pop weekend of pop, damn it. Your moaning is an inspiration!