Saturday, 22 August 2009

Liechtenstein - This Must be Heaven

Has anyone heard the new Liechtenstein song they've made available for free download? It's called "This Must be Heaven" and it's completely beautiful. As Marianthi said, it's like "being tickled on your neck by petals." The big twee-er.

Why aren't Liechtenstein bigger? Why don't teenagers have their photos on their wall (instead of... er, dubious thirty-somethings, for example)? Why shouldn't "This Must be Heaven" be this years Christmas number one?

Answers on a rose petal, please.

You can download 'This Must be Heaven" here.


damian said...

Aye I mentioned this briefly t'other day too. It's dead good.

Have you heard that school track for the other slumberland release? That's dead good too.

A layer of chips said...

I've not heard that yet, no! Is it available online? I'll be buying it when I get paid on Monday.

Damian said...

Yeah it's on the slumberland websiter or was,

Colin said...

I downloaded the mp3 but it's Roses In The Park, not the new one.

Dennis said...

Both The School song and for Colin the Liechtenstein song are available on this fantastic blog, here:

Or, indeed, on the Slumberland website where I got them from anyway.

A layer of chips said...

Colin - sorry. I was in a rush yesterday. The proper track is uploaded now.