Thursday, 17 June 2010

Say "Yes!" to international pop

Just when you think Sourpatch have hit a new high, they come and floor you again. Take a listen to 'Deli Dream' on the band's myspace page and tell me it isn't the best song you've heard since the best song in the world you heard.

There's a new single out on Happy Happy Birthday to Me soon called 'Mira Mija', the tracks from which are also up there with some of the best I've heard all year. There's plenty of garage-y sounding bands out there at the moment, but, for me, none of them do it with as much pop soul as Sourpatch. They don't sound like them at all, but listening to these songs reminds me of when I first heard Comet Gain.

Christ, France are really, really shit tonight.

As I get older and perhaps more cynical, it's not very often I hear something and my insides (and sometimes my outsides) scream "YES!" At the moment, Sourpatch do that to me all the time.


Mike Turner said...

if i was there i'd give you a huge hug for this post. thanks bunches. mike

Colin said...

nice call! love it! they capture so much of what I love about lo-fi indiepop sound! love the meandering vocal!