Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Two If By Sea

There are some bands with terrible names that I've really liked over the last couple of years. Chariots of Tuna spring to mind - although they changed their name to, erm, Onward Chariots, Evans the Death, and here's another one.

Two If By Sea (what?) are another one of those long distance relationship bands between Teresa Daniele (formerly of The Haircuts), Lisle Mitnik (Fireflies/Very Truly Yours), and Kevin Clark (Homeville Circle/Wooden Owls). They have a 5-song 7" vinyl EP, 'Staysail', available soon on the deeply dependable February Records.

Influences are a big thing 'round these parts, and easy to hear Field Mice, Slowdive, early Lush (especially around the first couple of eps), and a dash of Francophilia. And I've nearly always loved a band who've taken the time to cover 'Strawberry Fair'.

So, as the snow weeps down outside, and I wonder how the bloody flip I'm going to get to work tomorrow, Two If By Sea are calming my nerves and ironing out my brow. I await the name change with mid-range patience.


Theindiestar said...

nice! I dig the tunes, guys!!!!!

Explaination said...

Two if by sea is a phrase. If you don't know this (which is crazy to me, because it's pretty well known in America), it was referring to "One if by land, two if by sea." This was the signaling system that Washington used at the Delaware river, and if an enemy was approaching from the land, they would shine one lantern. If they were approaching by ship, they would show two lanterns, to warn the troupes.

A layer of chips said...

Trish - now you've mentioned that it all becomes familiar! I should know this coming from a coastal town in the UK, I guess. But thanks for jogging my memory.

It just sounded like an odd sequence of words out of context. Lovely band, though.