Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bubblegum Lemonade - Doubleplusgood (Matinee)

Bubblegum Lemonade are the sister band of that other food-related Matinee band, Strawberry Whiplash, and I keep changing my mind as to which I prefer.
Doubleplus good starts off with the very 'now' sounding A Billion Heartbeats, in that it sounds a bit JAMC-ish, and I'm a bit bored of that, really. But things soon start going with the dreamy Beautiful Friends which has a wonderfully noodly guitar bit, and a definite Byrds thread running through it.
Indeed, much of Doubleplusgood takes heavily from either early Primal Scream taking a lot of from psych-pop, but y'know there are worse things to be listening to on a Wednesday afternoon at work.
I'll Never Be Yours is probably the best track here. It's a dainty little thing, with a gently flourishing chorus, and then a mad take-lots-acid-and-say-groovy-instrumental bit, which really appeals.
That this is a pretty album goes without saying. Whether it'll ultimately be judged as one of the essential lps of 2009 really depends how things go this year, perhaps. Do they call these things "slow-burners"? They do? Doubleplusgood is a very pretty slow-burner, in that case.


Anonymous said...

A grower? You're crazy! This was one of the most immediate albums I've listened to in a long time. It's pure luscious pop! And whether it grows to be one of your essential albums or not, note that it came out in 2008. :-)

Did you get the two EPs he put out before this album? (in addition to the Strawberry Whiplash EP!)

I really like 'I'll Never Be Yours,' too, and also 'Penny Fountain' and 'Tired of Sleeping.' For me, the album is consistent from start to finish.

Laz is one ridiculously talented person. DIG that fuzzed out 12-string action. Yum.

A layer of chips said...

It's just a bit too retro for me. Sorry! I still like it, but I'll probably give it to someone who likes it more.