Monday, 12 January 2009

International pop frenzy hits East Midlands city

I've decided I'm going to put a couple more gigs on before my summer hibernation deadline, and they're both going to be ace.

In April The Motifs and The Crayon Fields are coming over all the way from that Australia, and in May Northern Portrait, who I'm potty about, will be playing. Both gigs are in Nottingham. There'll be more details as and when I get my increasingly large arse into gear and book venues and all that jazz.

There won't be jazz. Just thought I'd better make that clear. No jazz.


Anonymous said...

Northern Portrait?!?! Fuck me! I hope I'm in the UK by then. I dearly hope the gig is not at the start of the month. I canNOT miss them.

A layer of chips said...


It'll be on 17th May. Will you be around?

Anonymous said...

I don't know for sure yet, Sam! I hope so. I'll keep that date in mind. This would be incredible.