Tuesday 13 January 2009

She likes solo Morrissey

2008 was a bad year for my favourite Derby bands. The Deirdres announced their hiatus as half of them swanned off around the world like filthy students; Lardpony succumbed to parenthood and the responsibilities it brings; and Plans & Apologies called it a day completely.

Which leaves Mascot Fight. And they're not a bad band to be left with at all. The band played at Indietracks in December and were great. I like them because they're not afraid to mess around with the indiepop blueprint a little bit. They're also not your usual fringe and cardigan band. But they do write cracking, sometimes slightly maudlin, indiepop songs. And they're more often than not really quite funny indeed.

Mascot Fight have their debut album, Pantomime Hearse, out very soon. You can pre-order it from their website, apparently. Anyway, you should buy it and you should look out for a song called Terry is Chicago Sun', which is completely beautiful.

Here's the video of another track off the album, called That's a Photocopier (Not a Chair). Have a listen for the Smiths/Morrissey lyric.

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