Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Guild League - Speak up (Matinee Records)

I don't think you can really call The Guild League Tali White's "side project" any more, can you? This is the band's third album, after all, and they're easily as prolific as The Lucksmiths.
I'd heard - or seen, I suppose - a song from this album back in October time. It's called Suit Fits, and it's amazing, and it's on here. And I'm going to go on about it a bit, because it's the best Guild League track EVER. Wow.

1. It contains the lyric "I'm shining shit 'til it's in style".

2. And then that's rhymed with: "I'm head minister in the ministry of style".

3. Tali White sings like he's giving someone a proper bollocking.

4. There's this great bit he breaksitdownnow, and sort of raps.

5. The ending is completely jubilant. I like a jubilant ending.

Anyway, that's five reasons in song that you should buy this album immediately. Others include delicate little flowers like The Idea, or the jazzy pop of Where's the Colour.

Limited Express is another highlight. It revisits White's pet subject of travelling and architecture and landscape. It's a real joy to listen to songs that talk about places where ordinary people live. Limited Express acts as a kind of four minute soap opera about trains whizzing through towns. And that's what all good songs should be about, isn't it?

It's one of pop's joys that The Guild League are around. To me, they're a sort of nifty secret that gets told every three years or so. Speak Up probably won't feature very prominently in indiepop tittle-tattle, but that's sort of fine by me.

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