Wednesday, 21 January 2009

How do you solve a problem like IKEA?

The thorny issue of cd storage is beginning to rear its ugly head chez chips. Things are getting out of hand when you have cds stacked on top of cd towers, and so it is with some trepidation that this weekend I plan to spend a fair chunk of my wage packet on some kind of shelving whatnot to finally sort them out.

I have a big issue with people displaying records as though they're ornaments. It's that sort of "look how many records I've got" thing that makes me think that these people don't really like music as much as they like the idea of owning music. Which is a bit vile, isn't it? Especially when it's so bloody expensive

Anyway, cds are a flippin' pain in the arse, if you ask me. They take up too much space and the cases inevitably break when you've moved house as much as I have. I certainly can't be arsed to transfer everything to the PC (I think I'd rather watch golf all day for the rest of my life than do that), so I'm going to have to make the hellish trip to Ikea, or somewhere. But that means braving the twats who seem to delight in wandering around there with baby Fellatio strapped to them using an authentic hemp papoose, and then coming back home and losing my rag putting the bastard thing together. Where's the fun in that?

If anyone has any suggestions on where to get some cheap, yet effective, cd storage I'd love you forever.


Pete Green said...

How can you tell whether someone is displaying records as though they're ornaments or just wants their records close at hand so they can play them easily?

I need some new storage for my vinyl. My Billy bookcases won't fit in my new office/studio/playroom. Gah.

Cracking post title, by the way.

A layer of chips said...

It has been known for people to count their records... or perhaps even take photos of them and post them on message boards...

I hate shopping for storage. It's like shopping for socks.

Dennis said...

Most of my CDs are in boxes in the attic. Good idea? Not really. For the rest I just got basic shelves, which you can get anywhere.

I don't mind people displaying their music at all. Is it just boasting? Maybe sometimes. But it can also just be a sincere love for the records and/or a nice opening for conversation.

I haven't seen The Sound Of Music for AGES.

A layer of chips said...

Maybe you're not comfortable with your own sexuality, Dennis. That baby is just a cover.

Anonymous said...

Is IKEA really that unbearable to be in over there? I guess because we've only had one in the Chicagoland area for about 3 years, it's still a novelty to us. It's so utterly massive that it's only stressful and tiring to get around the place rather than worry about what kind of people are there (which is EVERYONE, not just the suburbanites).

I have the Benno CD towers which I love. I like how tall they are and the clean lines and how flat they stack against the wall.

I also go through my CDs once a year and get rid of the ones I don't want or need anymore in order to make room for the new ones. I burn them onto my hard drive too in case I do ever want to listen to them again.

Is this advice?

A layer of chips said...

People seem to treat Ikea as a day out. I find it very strange.

They do nice crispbread in the little food section, mind, so it's not all bad.