Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Indiepop Days

You can't fart in the comfort of your own bedroom these days without reading or hearing about another Popfest, it seems. As well as the ones in Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow later this year, there's Indie Pop Days in Berlin coming up on 3-5 September.

'Chips favourites such as Bart Cummings, Pocketbooks, The Felt Tips, The Sunny Street, Le Man Avec Les Lunettes are playing, along with a smattering of German bands, and, as ever, the regulation Scandinavian troupes.

Anyway, it all looks a blast. I've never been to Berlin, and there's no way I can make this, but YOU SHOULD. You can get weekend tickets for just 30 euros, which I think works out at 4 guineas sixpence per band, and that, you have to admit is a bargain.

Also: look at that poster!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there :)

For those interested, I've made two playlists in Spotify featuring the bands invited to perform at the Indiepop days in Berlin this weekend & The Nottingham Indiepop Weekender.

They're posted at ShareMyPlaylist(.com).

Let's kiss and Make up Indie Pop Days - Berlin 3-5 Sept 2010 -

The Nottingham Indiepop Weekender - 25-26 Sept. 2010 -