Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Pictures of starving children don't sell train tickets

If, like me, you were a bit gutted that the lovely cat from the petting zoo wasnt't at Indietracks this year, well, that's because the petting zoo wasn't there either? And why? Because Midland Railway is suffering from the internal contradictions of global capitalism too, you see, and it had to close the zoo.

Money is tight for the volunteers at the Railway, and they'd really like to get the new building at Swanick sorted out and finished. You can help. I realise I sound a bit like Terry fucking Wogan on Children in Need night, but they've set up a website where you can donate a few quid to help them get this done.

Before you do this, have a think about all those other bloody awful festivals in the UK that are manned by patronising, arrogant, abusive stewards, and then double your donation. Because the staff at Indietracks and Midland Railway in general are worth it.

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