Sunday, 1 August 2010

Oh! The Sweet Nothings

I'll be brutally honest here, and say that, despite comrade Pete Green being one of my longest standing friends, I really didn't the like the whole Corporate Juggernaut name. It was a bit too cabaret for me, and I'm not into forced fun. Great band, like. Just a bad name.

So, it is with great delight (for me, at least) that Pete told me a few weeks back that the name of the band was changing to The Sweet Nothings. Which is much better, eh?

I was chatting to Pete about football, music, the fucking Tory government, and LIFE IN GENERAL at Indietracks last weekend, and he was telling me that hid lean fighters were ready to go and record their debut album. It's just finding the time to do it, when everyone can fit it in between the daily drudge of work and the like. Well, isn't it always?

The band now have a keyboarderer (hurrah!) and are looking for a drummer after Rob finally found that Grimsby wasn't for him (we could've told him that yonks ago), and is moving to more far flung climbs like Weston-super-Mare, or something. So, if you know anyone who like trains, real ale, footy and left wing indiepop hymns, maybe you shoud give the band a shout.


Pete Green said...

Hey, thanks for this, Sam!

You wouldn't mind just correcting that teeny, tiny typo in the second para, would you, old mate?

Interested readers/listeners might like to know that The Sweet Nothings have just launched a website at

It's a bit minimal at the moment but we'll get more up there soon. You can subscribe to the RSS feed thing if you like.


A layer of chips said...

Ooh, shucks. Sorry! And done.