Friday, 20 August 2010

"That's Mike. Oh, hi!"

I woke up this morning with the kind of hangover only a mixture of Harvest Pale and red wine can give you feeling pretty crappy. The internet has, however, perked me up no end.

And why, dear reader? Well, because Sourpatch have a new single out soon called 'Deli Dream', and I think it's possibly my favourite Sourpatch song in the world. It's out on HHBTM Records, and it's a song so flippin' uplifting that it makes you wonder how you get through the day without listening to it at least fifteen times. Which is what I did do today.

'Deli Dream' is a short, (bitter)sweet nugget pop spectacle. Happy and sad at the same time, it teases you into thinking that it' all going to fall apart at any second before lifting off for the stars all over again. In a year of great, great singles, I think this might be my favourite so far.

Mike from HHBTM was saying earlier that he wants to do some kind of big pop tour of the UK with Sweater Girls, Sourpatch, Afternoon Naps, Cars Can be Blue, Fishboy, Smittens, Keith John Adams, Lovely Eggs, Hotpants Romance, Tunabunny, Casper & the Cookies, and Titans. Comrades, if we don't make this happen, I'll have your guts for garters. Think on.

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