Friday, 13 August 2010

Time to take sides

Whilst the Tories go about their despicable business of dismantling what's left of Britain's public sector, it's worth casting our minds back to the General Election of 1987, which Labour managed to lose so spectacularly after Kinnock and co thought it would be a great idea to shift to the right. The brutal recession that followed a couple of years later laid waste to hundreds of thousands of jobs (mine included), and showed the one true way to Tony Blair, as Thatcher took steps to wipe out more working class jobs

With the Tories at the helm once again, history looks set to repeat itself hundreds of thousands more jobs will go from a demoralised public sector - probably with a pathetic whimper from the weak and compliant unions - after the spending review in October.

Today, the Tories announced that the billionaire Sir Phillip Green, who owns a fashion empire in the UK, will head up a Whitehall spending review. He'll be tasked with telling Cameron how many thousands of people he can make redundant without losing any sleep at night. Apparently, the BBC today tried to get an interview with Green, but apparently he was away in the tax exile that is Monaco. If that isn't a vile joke, I don't know what is.

Which all leads me round to a new Pete Wylie song. Now I'm no fan of Wylie, nor am I an advocate of celebrating too much when Thatcher does pop her gold-lined clogs (cos let's face it - the damage has been done), but if this doesn't stir you up and make you want to fight back, then you're probably not on my side.

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