Monday 23 August 2010

Right up my Sunny Street

I don't think I've mentioned our weekender in a few weeks time for, ooh, at least four hours, so I thought I would. The Middle Ones, Norwich's very own indiepop Peters & Lee (but without a blind man, of course) have been added as headliners for the Sunday. Ain't life grand?

Also playing the weekender are The Sunny Street, the multinational pop sensation currently residing in that London who feature members of Pocketbooks and Electrophonvintage and probably hundreds of other bands too (I don't know - I'm not hep enough to keep up, and there's always some washing needs doing).

Any road 'round, Roque from Cloudberry Records has gone and put together a video for a track called 'Insull', one of the tracks off the band's new album. It's pretty neat.

Today's top tip: Iceland own-brand cornettos are bloody lovely. You won't notice the difference, honest.

I'm very tired.

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