Tuesday 2 March 2010

Breakfast isn't for wimps

I obviously don't know the power of my own written word, because since I moaned a while back about there not being enough indiepop videos around, there's been loads of ace ones knocking about. I am, I like to feel, all powerful.

The newest of these that have come to my attention is the dreamy and - and dare I say it - somewhat sexy "Graceless" by Crayon Fields.

Crayon Fields - Graceless from Geoff O'Connor on Vimeo.

Looks quite expensive that, doesn't it?

Perhaps the finest pop video I've seen is The Cure's 'Charlotte Sometimes' - purely for comedy value and the dramatic looks into the camera. However, this effort for Allo Darlin''s sublime 'Polaroid' comes a very close second. Better than that, it reminded me that 'Molly Ringwald!' can be substited for "fucking hell!" if you're in the company of a vicar, your mother-in-law, Morrissey, etc...

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String Bean Jen said...

How have I never invested time in listening to Crayon Fields? This song totally rules. All rich and lush. Yeah, kind of a like a more confident, sexier Math and Physics club. Ha! I wonder if they are all this swinging. I remember they came here and did all those shows last year like the week before I moved here. Damn.