Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Soft City

I always find it very odd when someone from a band you've really loved emails me to ask whether I'll havea listen to their new band or songs. Dur, of course I will. Espeically when you used to be in Comet Gain and Kicker.

The Soft City are the solo project of Phil Sutton, formerly of those two cherished band. Sutton, with the help of various friends, recorded a three-track EP, The Soft City, released by Cloudberry Records, in 2007. After moving to New York in 2008, Sutton recruited Dora Lubin (vocals) and Jason Corace (A Boy Named Thor) (guitars) to make The Soft City a band.

Kyle Forester (Ladybug Transistor, Crystal Stilts) joined the three-piece in the studio in 2009 to help them record their self-titled debut LP, engineered and produced by Ladybug’s Gary Olson, with the assistance of the group. Turner Stough (The Isles, Bel Air) joined on bass later that year.

Here's an album that might just make you want to go out this weekend and spend it in the park eating a picnic and drinking booze and playing football very badly. And if you're missing any new Pocketbooks stuff, then it fills that particular heart-shaped hole.

Download '15 Years' here.

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