Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hello, kitten

That there are bands out there as ace as Meow, Meow! - the band named after the drug for young, slightly enthusiastic people who wear loose fitting clothes - which have so far eluded my, admittedly limited, ear makes my heart sing. They're from Liverpool and they remind me loads of early Dressy Bessy, All Girl Summer Fun Band, and The Icicles. Indeed, they take me right back to when I first heard all three bands, which was right around the same time.

But that's irrelevant!

They now have a free download single, 'I Wonder What Went Wrong' available from WIAIWYA, backed with a cover of Go Sailor's 'Ray of Sunshine'.

Imagine your favourite summer band. Then double them. And book them to play in your town.

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