Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Loves - Sweet Sister Delia EP (Fortuna Pop!)

The title track of the new Loves ep is the best thing they've done since, ooh, probably their debut album all those years ago. It's got sass and makes me want to clap my hands either side of my head in a camp manner. But I don't want the window cleaner seeing me, so I best not.

Apparently, it's all about Delia Sparrow, ex of Mambo Taxi, The Action Time, Baby Birkin and Manic Cough (I don't remember this last lot, but I like the name). It's got a lovely organ part in it that drives it along and makes me want to wake up at work. And that, my friends, is as good a recommendation as any, especially on a sleepy Wednesday afternoon.

On the b-side, somewhat oddly is a track from 2001 called 'Low', which sort of meanders along a bit, and 'God Saves Our Souls', a bit of cod-blues fun which is credited to Simon Love and The Turkeys. No, me neither.

Oh, lovely cover art, too.

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