Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Love Dance

I picked Love Dance up from someone's Facebook feed a couple of days ago, and I've listened to little else ever since.

Not much is known (by me, at least) about this mysterious Norwegian band, who once used to go by the name of Try Happiness, but Marianthi tells me Love Dance had an album out in 2007 on Marsh Marigold called 'Results'. She also kindly sent me a copy.

I've just listened to it twice through, but it's a stunning record - all chiming guitars and swooping melodies. You know that feeling you get when you listen to a band, and you think: "Yes! If I had one iota of musical talent in me, I'd want to be in a band EXACTLY like this!" Well, this is how I feel about Love Dance. They should be superstars. Why aren't they superstars.

If anyone can tell me if they're still together, and what they're up to, then I'd be most grateful.

Meanwhile, have a listen to "Unsympathetic Ways".


damian said...

I loved their single - 'Stay Handsome' when that came out a few years ago. I had it as my ringtone.

They're playing in Bergen on the 19th of March and are putting together a new album called Hawaii.

There's an demo of an outtake of a new single here,%20again%20%28Foten%20demo%29.mp3

A layer of chips said...

Cheers, mate! That new song is beautiful.

Richard P said...

Hi there - I was in contact with them for a while as they invited me to play as Lovejoy in Bergen a while back...They were amazing as a live band (and fine hosts too)! I was invited to do the sleeve design / notes for 'Result' and in return they recorded a lovely version of Beaumont's 'His London' for my Ketih Girdler tribute album 'Country Music' that came out on Siesta. I'm very pleased to hear they are still going.

A layer of chips said...

Richard - I never did get round to buying that tribute album for Keith. Is it still available?

Richard P said...

Hello again - yes it is still available, drop me an email and I can get one to you...all the best Richard

String Bean Jen said...

I'm glad you bring up Lovejoy, Richard, because that's who I was getting this lot mixed up with when Sam brought them up recently! Love Dance (two words), Lovejoy (one word), two separate bands that stand on their own! Ah. Yes, this is a nice band to discover.