Sunday, 21 March 2010

When Hari met Aino

Ah, Sunday morning. Which means roaming around in my pants until the little hand is nearly at twelve, basking in a rare, yet ultimately futile, win for Grimsby Town yesterday. And perhaps making my six month old try his Town strip on for the first time.

This Sunday morning has also brough with it a new single from Hari and Aino, called 'All That Remains', which is sort of perfect for today in a happy, carefree, way that reminds me a little of Would-be-Goods poppermost moments.

Here's the smashing video for it.

The ep is avaiable in a crazily-limited run of just 50 copies from Edition 59, or you can download the ep at Bandcamp via the band's homepage.

Do your worst.

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