Monday, 8 March 2010

Filling out for the summer

I come back from a desperately poor night out in Leeds (is there any other kind?) to find that more bands have been announced for Indietracks. The full list so far is:

The Felt Tips
Chariots of Tuna
Winston Echo
Stars Of Aviation
The Give It Ups
Betty & The Werewolves
The Cannanes
This Many Boyfriends
Be Like Pablo
Standard Fare
The Smittens
MJ Hibbett & The Validators
Boy Genius
The Loves
Sunny Street
Allo Darlin
White Town
Just Joans

For me, that's already the best line-up in the four years Indietracks has been running, and if Stuart and Emma want to stop booking bands right now, then I'd be happy.

I bumped into Stuart at London Popfest a couple of weeks ago, and he put me in mind of a football scout, trawling the lower leagues for talent. I think I'd had too much to drink, mind...

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Danny said...

Chariots of Tuna have changed their name (hurrah!). They're now Onward Chariots.